A lot of you, just way too damned busy to always be editing, I can help. Whatever you wish my level of involvement to be, I shall represent you. I have the experience you are looking for, everything from business cards, model portfolios, weddings all the way up larger than billboard prints for EDC.

Depends on the Final output as to how much I charge.

Yes, I have been a pro-photographer, I know what you go through on everything. If you wanna dump a whole shhot on me, have me organize a presentation catalog to give to your client, deal with their picking out the photos, then editing them, I can do that.

If you just want to send me some, great.

for the most part, adjust the lighting, shadows, etc, fix blemishes, embed your logo etc... I wholesale this to other Photographers $10 up to 8x10 output.

Repairs to body weight, etc, usually $20

Cut-outs, green screens, etc $25

If you just wanna try me out, I'll give you the first one.





Carl Blum


Las Vegas · Nevada · USA